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Global Coronavirus Pandemic Conspiracy

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Is the Global COVID Pandemic a conspiracy? Is the media causing panic for clicks and ratings? Is the Republican party obstructing the political process by ordering us to stay at home during election season? Is Bill Gates overtaking the world?
I’ve never been a conspiracy nut … but sometimes people really are conspiring. If there’s a conspiracy we’re going to have to look past the usual scape goats of the media, Donald Trump, political parties, marketing platforms and even nations.
The questions we really need to be asking to see who would really benefit from a global pandemic are far darker than you might think. Who benefits from making us angry at each other? Who benefits from keeping us afraid? Who benefits from resource shortages? Who has a monopoly on food? Who has a monopoly on water rights? Who has a monopoly on medicine? Who benefits from genocide?
Who benefits from the two-party system narrative? Who is telling you not to trust the media?
Who benefits from a miracle vaccine … does anyone doubt that a miracle is just right around the corner?
Are we going to be allowed to vote? What happens if we aren’t? Why are we still using 200 year old outdated technologies —paper — to vote in an information age? Why do most of our elected officials still think of the economy in World War II realities that no longer apply?

Recession 2020: What to Do When You’re in Financial Trouble during COVID Pandemic At Home Orders

What should you do when you’re facing financial troubles during the Covid Pandemic and Stay at Home Orders? Have you lost your job? Been laid off? Lost your health insurance and other benefits? Should you pay your mortgage?

Maybe you’ve lost your job, been laid off, lost your health insurance and other benefits and you’re financially struggling. This is Recession 2020 information about how you should handle personal financial disaster during this international financial disaster. If you are overextended on debt, you’ve financed a car, your job is over and you can’t pay your mortgage what should you do? Americans are chum in the water and the sharks are circling. There are many who will benefit from this pandemic and the government relief and mortgage relief will cause people to lose their homes and make bad choices. Practical advice for what to pay and when to pay it, what to ignore and how to prioritize when facing financial ruin and even bankruptcy.

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Yes, You Should Vote for Elizabeth Warren “Just Because” She’s a Woman

Yes, you SHOULD vote for a Elizabeth Warren “Just Because” she’s a woman. It is not a progressive move toward equality that makes you “look at the issues and vote for the best candidate, regardless of gender;” there’s no such thing.

You are not gender blind. Gender blindness is an impossibility in this world, at this time in history. Plans and ideas will always—without exception— will sound better coming out of a man’s mouth than a woman’s mouth because of our genetic memory and programming. A man’s plans and ideas will always be from a patriarchal perspective because … why wouldn’t it be?

We are default voters. What do we default to? Genetic memory and cultural norms.

Patriarchy IS the core systemic problem. Patriarchy is our global psychopathy. Research any of the issues that threaten us today—climate change, political corruption, terrorism, healthcare, capitalism—and patriarchy is the system in which is has been built, is being upheld, and which is being enforced.

For thousands of years we have literally voted for candidates “just because” they were men. Now look where we are! Whether you are a woman or a man, you share the same genetic memory than we all do – if you don’t consciously make a choice to vote toward equality and balance you will ALWAYS default to voting for a man, preferably white.

Shocking? Not when you realize that memories are passed down in our DNA. Within us resides our survival instinct to do the safest thing. And the safest thing is doing the “same” thing.

Historically, speaking out against the status quo is dangerous. Women and minorities default to the norm (another man) or face public criticism, professional blackballing, beating, hanging, raping and rejected from their communities. Being bashed on the internet! These fears live in our DNA. And they are real. Very real.

You don’t “age into” a perspective that is not the dominant ruling demographic. A different color or ethnicity of man, doesn’t make him separate from patriarchy.

Patriarchy is a global psychopathy. It is a dangerous imbalance from one narrowly focused point of view. Then trying to fix the problems created by that point of view with that same point of view.

Balance will not be achieved with more male representation.
Don’t worry, we won’t teeter into a matriarchy if we have one woman president. Not even close.