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Quarantine, COVID & Law of Attraction Manifestation

How did COVID-19 Manifest with Law of Attraction? Use this opportunity to Re-choose your life! Did we think the wrong thoughts? Did all of the newly-unemployed people just do it wrong? If you’re scared will you attract bad things to you?

Right now, we have a moment in history when things are going to reshuffle and recalibrate. Did we make this happen with our negative thoughts and our evil sinners’ ways? Does God hate humans? Should you force yourself to push fear down and look on the bright side?

NO! You didn’t do it wrong and you’re allowed to be scared, disappointed, angry and grief-stricken. In fact you should acknowledge those feelings and just let them be. Your feelings have wonderful messages for you.

Right now is the time to Be Still and Know that I am God, and to surrender to Thy Will Be Done.

What is happening is that we, collectively, catching up with our own progress and innovation. We have been misaligned as a society between an agrarian system for education, a 9-5 industrial revolution work and economic structure and our information and technology capabilities.

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What Was Working Stopped Working

What do you do when everything that was working stops working? How do you begin manifesting again? How did you use Law of Attraction to make this happen? How do you deal with the gap when you’ve lost everything, but the new thing hasn’t come yet? How to do you set new boundaries and stand up to everyone who gets furious about the new rules?
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