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Zack Has a School

Zack goes to a school – Compass – which is so innovative that I tear up every time I go to one of their expositions.

The Old Formulas of How to Succeed in Life have crumbled. If you’re educating your kids in that old model, they’re already behind. Every time I walk into Zack’s school, Compass Community Collaborative School in Fort Collins, Colorado, I want to weep with gratitude and I say out loud, “We are so fucking lucky!” This school prepares kids to tap into the genius of who they are, express their passions, make shit happen, innovate and pivot. Their education includes emotional and social intelligence (not strictly academics). Those are the skills this and future generation of kids need for basic survival in our RAPIDLY changing economy. Advocate for more schools like this in your little corner of the world.

Donate at or by linking your Kroger Loyalty Card and they will donate a percentage of your grocery/gas/pharmacy purchase directly to the school. and then click Community Support and enter the code YN54.

Your Purpose is Your Purpose. Why Can't I Just Be a Nurse?

So many times on the path of being a writer, a creator, an entrepreneur and a seeker I have demanded of the Universe, the answer to this question: Why can't I just be a nurse? Nurses help people, provide a worthy good and best of all, get a steady paycheck going down a well-worn path. While I, on the other hand, am told to go down nearly invisible paths with no idea what the “pay-off” will be, if there is any at all in the name … art? purpose? plan? meaning? self? “Forget it, I'm going in this door!” I will declare to the Universe, as I try to open the one for being a teacher or I send out resume after resume attempting to appease ALL THE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE (except for my Soul and my kids) to get a “real job.” ALL. THE. DOORS. SLAM. IN. MY. FACE.Maybe you can relate? Have you ever gone through a period in your life when all paths scream NOOOO!! When every attempt to choose a door is met with thwarting and failure and rejection and outright firings? Welcome to the party. We're in this together. If you know your body, the Universe and your Soul are trying to get your attention but you can't figure out what they're saying you'll want to read Soul vs. Ego Smackdown: How to say YES! to your Soul and tell your Ego to Suck It. I wrote it just for you. Oh, and you heard the commercial – if we're going to get through this together we need to dose up on some stress and inflammation relieving CBD. Click here for that *I'm an affiliate for Elixinol and purchasing from this link is a very generous way to support the continuation of this podcast and to help me support my family. Thank you!