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Your Soul is Going to Get what It Wants: Even if It has to Crash Your Life

Your Soul is Going to Get What It Wants. It’s the inevitable outcome. Your Soul came here for something. And you can try to escape it, but your Soul will, one way or another, demand it anyway. If you don’t surrender to Its voice, you Soul will Crash your Life so that you have nothing to cling to.

We’re coming into a completely new phase in 2020. We’ve ending a 35 year relationships cycle is how we spent 2019 (and a few years running from the change prior to 2019, if we’re honest).

Law of Attraction Manifesting in the old phase and cycle is shallow and simplistic. Often we demand what we think we want and refuse to listen to the deeper voice telling us what we really came here for.

When you submit – your Soul will tell you to do scary things. Like raise your vibration and get out of relationships you deeply care about. Like change what you’re doing for money and work. In other words, CHANGE.

If you dare, commit to the TRUTH of your life. Who is in it. How did you get here. Are you getting what you really want? Are you projecting good on other people to maintain those relationships.

Are you willing to live a death to be reborn and resurrected as a better, brighter, lighter being?

NO? Then prepare for the crash. Because your Soul didn’t come here to do nothing. Or to stay the same as it was. Consciousness is living itself through you. And it will do it, with or without your struggle and angst and clinging.

The Secret? Is that when you surrender to it, and follow where it leads – regardless of the grief and loss and terror and loneliness involved – there’s relief and lightness. The burden you were clinging to and carrying as your own falls to the ground and you wonder “Why did I think I needed to Carry that? How did I ever allow that nonsense to happen? What was I thinking?”

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The Year of YES! What if you said YES! to Everything Your Soul Told You to Do for One Year?

Soul vs. Ego Smackdown: How to Say YES! to your Soul and Tell your Ego to Suck It!

The Joy Diet by Martha Beck

10 Ways Law of Attraction is Screwing Up Your Life (and everyone else’s) pt 2

Law of Attraction saved my life 13 years ago by giving me a sense of control. I've been teaching, studying and observing methods, rituals and Law of Attraction RESULTS since the moment I saw The Secret. This episode is a smackdown of the 10 ways that people are jamming up the Universe causing wonky results by using the wrong methods and rituals and asking for the wrong thing!

I turned this show into my sound editor and he wrote back. This is over 2 hrs long and you only paid for an hr. I also need more time! Whoa. I guess I had a LOT to say. A lot of exceptional advice. So I've broken it down into two episodes; Part 1 is mistakes 1-5; Part 2 is mistakes 6-10.

This is not about you. If you see yourself in these examples please know that I have not singled you out by exposing and judging your mistakes. I've been working with this spiritual law and all the others for 13 years. It's probably about my own experiences. If it has made my list I'm seeing a pattern—not one individual. I'm looking at my years of coaching, experimenting, observation of marketing campaigns and media and patterns in generic advice or beliefs based on broad misconceptions. If you see yourself in any of these examples, please know that you're not allow and be light-hearted about it. The whole purpose of the episode is to help you attract more of what you want, and less of what you don't want.
with love, Tracee

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Driving Opportunities

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Educational resources

Financial Peace University (Money Education + spiritual conditioning. I don't care for Dave Ramsey's specific spiritual viewpoint, but you'll get a LOT out of it in terms of learning how the energy of money functions.)

Women and Money (How women can better relate to money.)

The Millionaire Next Door (How a Janitor is more likely to be a millionaire than a stock broker. Hint: it's what you DO with the money you have!)

Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life (Hint: Successful people aren't smarter or more educated and they don't work harder; they have better habits and practices.)

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (Yes it DOES matter if women are represented equally in politics, economics, marketplace, etc. In fact, it creates peace and eliminates war.)

The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Much? (Deep Dive into the true MATH about your own family/work choices—and your daughters'. It's not enough to factor the costs of childcare.)

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level (Learn about a “breach of integrity” and other ways you're holding your self back.)

Soul vs. Ego Smackdown: How to say YES! to your Soul and tell your Ego to Suck It! (To get what you truly want you have to know what you truly want; here's how to find out.)

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