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In this episode I'll give you the 3 “Golden Rules” to avoid saying and doing the wrong thing & 5 specific rules to follow for men who want to be the Good Guy.

We start at the beginning, reinterpreting the Genesis origin story. (The serpent, Satan, is a ridiculously obvious metaphor for the penis. DUH!)


When in doubt, shut up.
If you wouldn't want a burly hairy man in prison to say it to you—don't say it to a woman.
Your dick is a LIAR, when it starts lying to you tell it, “Shut the fuck up and EVOLVE!”

5 Specific What Not to Dos

NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DICK. No one wants to see your dick, or talk about your dick. Keep it in your pants.
*Your Dick is Not My Problem. Stop thrusting your desire, your fantasies, your sexuality on women. Your sexuality is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Keep it to yourself!
Women are not the cast in your personal porno movie. Stop running a lame porno in your head as you walk around in the world. Evolve for Fuck's Sake.
“Nice Ass” is not a compliment. Making comments about body parts in reference to a woman's fuck-a-bility is sexual harassment. “You have a beautiful smile,” is a compliment that acknowledges a woman as a PERSON. Oh, by the way, A WOMAN IS A PERSON. It's unfortunate that I need to point that out.
Man up and Strap On some Protect and Provide. If you're not consciously dismantling the Culture of Cock and creating a social environment of respect among men, then you're supporting, upholding and enforcing the Culture of Cock.

You may think you're the Good Guy, but … are you really? Some questions to ask yourself.

Sexual boundaries and Sexual Play are all about consent. What two people consent to do together is their business. The problem comes when you're thrusting your sexuality on another person without an invitation.

Links to books mentioned in the podcast:

Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden Yes, women have sexual fantasies! This is a HOT read and an informative one. A groundbreaking work in which women reveal their actual fantasies, combined with psychological analysis about women's authentic sexuality.

The Girl Revolution Manifesto, by Tracee Sioux, an examination of gender, equality, politics, feminine feminism and how to raise kids in today's sex-saturated culture. A great read if you're raising kids and want some perspective on how to consciously prepare them for today's world.

Soul vs. Ego Smackdown: How to say YES! to your Soul and tell your Ego to Suck It, by Tracee Sioux. If you're a man who wants to stop listening to the lies your “serpent” tells you and tune into your higher conscience and evolve this book will show you how.

The Year of YES! What if you said YES! to everything your Soul told you to do for One Year? by Tracee Sioux, this is a very raw personal memoir which contains way more #metoo experiences than anyone should have to put up with. There are REAL psychological, emotional and spiritual consequences to every kind of sexual abuse-including sexual messaging from religious Whore/Madonna shaming and flat out rape.


Hey Tribe,

WELCOME! I'm so glad you're here! This inaugural episode is about this podcast! Wait, What? Yes. In this episode I, Tracee Sioux, explain who I am, why I'm starting a podcast and what kinds of topics can you expect from What Would Tracee Sioux Do?

We're asking better questions about things that matter.

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YOUR DICK IS NOT MY PROBLEM; video episode also on my Tracee Sioux YouTube channel

In the podcast I invite listeners to join a community of sane people who are asking better questions and finding sane answers in spite of today's media and political circus. This is a curated community, meaning not everyone is welcome to join the conversation—especially trolls, and belligerently ignorant (“bellignorant”) corporate news (FOX) spouter-off-ers. Rather this community will be curated by the community itself through word-of-mouth and invitations extended to those who have valid, sane and insightful things to contribute. Trolls can suck it.

This community will meet in a PRIVATE Curated Facebook group, What Would YOU Do?

Tracee encourages listeners to subscribe and share so that as the audience grows more prestigious guests will agree to come on the show.

In a terrifying turn of events Tracee Sioux kept her kids home from school on Thursday April 18 because they were too afraid to attend after the Columbine Shooter Scare, which caused many school districts to close Wed. April 17. Watch that video here:

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What is the Point of Being Human?

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