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Forced to Re-Choose: How do we take care of ourselves and others?

What do we do with our feelings during times of transition and trauma? Do we choose how we feel? Should we shut our feelings up? How do we make choices when fear, anger and frustration bubble up? How do we respond to this kind of shake up in our systems?

COVID, Coronavirus, quarantine, shelter at home, economic crashes and an abrupt halt to millions of jobs brings up really intense feelings. What do we do with this anxiety, fear, anger and trauma?

In this podcast, I talk about how attempting to control our feelings lead to destructive behaviors toward ourselves and others. When we tell our emotions to shut up we lean toward addiction, shaming ourselves for perfectly natural and valid responses to danger. We are not imagining the danger to our livelihoods and the abrupt transitions we are making in our economy.

This is a time of re-choosing. So how do we re-choose? How do we make the transitions required in the way we work, the way we think, the way we vote and the way we get our needs met.

This podcast challenges conventional wisdom, old paradigms and beliefs that are no longer practical or helpful in the way we live today in 2020. When faced with a dramatic halt, how do we know which way to go? When faced with forced change how do we deal with our personal emotions and kindness to others?

How are global resources distributed and it is sustainable, helpful or beneficial? With all the fake news, agendas, corporate misleading and mistrust how do we know what to believe or which way to vote?

With new information, new science, new discoveries how do we interpret what the Golden Rule is? Why are we using outdated information to determine our impact on the world? How can we dump trigger words like Love or “Do Unto Others” when they are no longer useful in centering our values and behavior?

Resources Mentioned:

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medicaid and the coronavirus

Waiting for Medicaid, (Wait, why can’t we all have healthcare, again?)

This morning I was sitting in my car at 7:30 am, the doors don’t open until 8, but I wanted to get there before it got crazy. I’m on Medicaid, and I have been since they gave Medicaid to parents during Obama-era. As we look at a medical system built for profit instead of public health, I have to ask why we can’t all have healthcare?

We don’t live in an industrial era, we aren’t tied to our 9-5 jobs anymore. “Jobs” in the traditional sense are OVER. Huge pieces of our economy are about to learn that they don’t need buildings to carry on, people can work online from anywhere.

Many jobs won’t be coming back. Entire industries will morph into something else. Businesses are going to fail. Why do we have an economy built on businesses instead of an economy built to support people? Where is all that profit? All those bazillions of dollars in profit – where is that? What have they done with it? Why aren’t these mega-corps in a position to bail out the government? Are their business-models so short-sighted that they too are living paycheck to paycheck?

Let’s watch how the world’s medical systems respond to a public health crisis. Who fares better? The United States or Canada? Brittian? Is a private health system connected to our jobs really an efficient way to manage our collective health? No freakin’ way!

Why can’t everyone have healthcare, if nothing else the coronavirus shows us that we’re in this together.

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What This Global Pandemic is Really About

Coronavirus: What the Global Panic about the Global Pandemic is Really About


In this three hour podcast, yes, three hours, I share what I know is going on with our collective fear and panic. The coronavirus is finally giving us something to point to and say, “That! I’m afraid of that!”

The world suddenly appears to grasp its unstable position during a global panic about a global pandemic over Coronavirus. That pit in your stomach, that underlying panic bubbling up to your heart is making us do some crazy hoarding, as people rush to stores to stock up on hand sanitizer and toilet paper (we should be switching to bidets anyway, friends).

Suddenly we’re all terrified of a Super Virus, right? We have to stop a global pandemic, don’t we?

Ainsley, my 18-year-old daughter is stuck, with her high school orchestra in Indianapolis, praying she gets to come home, praying that highways and flights remain open. Within 24 hours of their flight the local school district has banned travel; within 72 hours the district has shut down schools for the rest of March. On a regular day we would not be worried, but during this trip—planned and worked hard for since last August—we are nervous as we watch Donald Trump declare a “National State of Emergency,” halt international travel to Europe and then quietly bomb Iran.

Bombing Iran barely makes headlines. The State of Emergency isn’t much of an emergency, but this virus is serving well to bring on a good global panic. The numbers of sick people or those dying do not support a “pandemic,” but “Global Pandemic” makes a great headline and rewards the media-drama-makers with clicks.

Global pandemic about a new SuperVirus, Coronavirus, is a fabulous distraction from the war that’s really being waged, one Trump doesn’t have to bother to stop and get permission from Congress (any of us) for. This State of Emergency gives him the blank check to do whatever he wants.

A State of Emergency about a health crisis is a very convenient thing to point to, when trying to explain why your economy has crashed and why we’re coming into a period of GLOBAL food and water scarcity.

What has this over-reaction to an under-whelming “emergency” tapped into that makes us rush to the grocery store and grab up everything we can get our hands on? Is it truly a fear of getting sick?

Nope. Can’t be. There was one single case of coronavirus in Larimer Country, where I live in Colorado, when we closed schools and started running end-of-the-world scenarios.

There were already 15 million people in the United States with plain ol’ influenza, a virus which kills up to 61,000 people per year. No one bats an eye, we go about our every day business.

The vast majority of people who do get coronavirus experience flu-like symptoms, recover and go on with their lives. It’s not even as though everyone who gets this virus dies.

Our unease about a new virus; the panic we’re experiencing is an underlying dread we’ve been holding deep within our bodies, like a pit in our stomachs, that something is off. Something is wrong. We are in a tenuous position, that something sinister is happening.

We’ve been carrying this panic, unable to point to something and scream “It’s that, I’m afraid of that!” for a few years. Instead of being able to point to something unnamable as the cause we treat ourselves as though we have unusual, out-of-the-ordinary, depression or anxiety.

We look at Facebook and Instagram and think “Why am I the only one who feels anxious, hopeless and depressed” Then we call it FOMO (fear of missing out). What we’re really experiencing when we look at other people’s picture-perfect lives is confusion.

“Why do I have a heavy sense of unease and powerlessness and they look so carefree and happy?” That’s really what we want to know, that’s really what feels unfair.

Take heart friends, look around. We are ALL feeling this sense of unease, this dread was already simmering in the pot before the media finally gave us a reason to boil over.

Coronavirus is a just the trigger. This virus is something we can point to and say, “I’m scared of that!” We can finally do what we’ve felt like doing for a while, shut down, keep our kids close and hoard resources.

I’ve been talking about this simmering panic for a while now. I did a podcast about an inevitable 2020 Inflation caused by our economy built on the vapors of a robust stock market, low wages, fewer jobs, abuse of the 1099 contractor designation, exorbitant housing and medical costs.

We are in a new age: the Age of Corporatism. It has nothing to do with a free market, or good old fashioned capitalism and competition. It is most emphatically not democratic.

The Age of Corporatism kingpins have used “Pro-Life Christian Values” messaging to hack and hijack the Republican party. In 1973, 46 years ago a huge voting faction, Pro-Life Christians, aligned themselves with Corporatists Monsters. These Corporatist Monsters can literally do any hell-worthy thing they desire as long as they utter inane things like “I would vote against abortion, I’m Pro-Life, or I believe in family values.” Pro-Life Christians look no further, certainly not into the backrooms where gangsters and criminals and Nazi’s (yes, I said Nazi’s, look up Dupont’s history) have been doing deals to buy up all of the food and water resources on the planet.

Meanwhile, while the President is “Making America Great Again,” the mega-global corporations run by these Monsters are not owned by Americans, do not pay United States taxes, outsource their jobs to third-world country laborers, who also don’t contribute to the American economy, and have been recognized by his Supreme Court to carry the same weight as a citizen of the United States. None of this is to the benefit of the actual citizens of America.

We have a real problem, you can feel it in your bones. It’s more sinister than a simple virus. It’s not hopeless, but there’s not much hope either, unless we’re going to take back the world. We can’t do it without Pro-Life America. Christians you must re-examine your core values and hold them up against what is happening in this world, in this time, in your name.

No one — not a single person — gets to cop out of this responsibility with a third-party vote or a protest abstention. The stakes are too high.

Our food, water and air resource shortage is fixable. In fact, it’s not even difficult to fix. There are some simple, sophisticated ancient land practices—like goat grazing—which can repair soil. There are enough resources to support us—all of us. It simply a matter of how we divide them, and whether we do it with charity or violence.