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patreon invite tracee sioux

Secret Clubhouse Invite: Private “not made for public consumption” Juicy Goodies

Hey guys! I’m excited to be making some creative changes in how I play on the Internet. I’m heading to Patreon to create a safe space for us!

I’ve got a ton of free classes, printable inspirational quotes, and I’ll be giving away everything I make from here on. FREE BOOKS! Deeper conversations. And I’ll be posting videos and notes that you might find encouraging, enlightening, validating or just plain amusing.

13 years of experience romping around the Internet — and sharing my private information, unedited thoughts and giving away (read: allowing people to steal) my unique ideas — has taught me that a Safe Private Space is now required.

I censor myself a lot these days because of my completely VALID phobia of Mean Girls and Sexual Energetic Assault. Plus there’s the issue of having really un-clever hacks steal my really clever ideas.

Plus, now we have all of this data that tells us that social media, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter are all using our feeds to trigger controversy and to plant false news in just the write hands based on their algorithms. Not a conspiracy theory – how I wish it were – they’ve been brought before Congress. Facebook has actually incited a Hate Genocide in at least one country. It’s now come to light that they actually DID allow Russia to meddle in our Elections. Guess who Russia was voting for? Yep. Douchy Narcissist Clown.

Add to that the science that tells us that social media is bad for our mental health. Like, REAL BAD. It makes us more lonely and causes more anxiety and depression. Personally, I don’t spend much time on Facebook anymore because FB took away everything I was getting out of it, namely — YOU!

I miss you! I used to see you when I scrolled through my feed. I would stop by and chat about some clever thing you’d put out into the world. Or you’d come by my post and comment on a cute picture of my kids. Stuff like that.

I took it for granted. Because now I NEVER SEE YOU! Facebook messed up my algorithm so bad that I never even see anyone I actually know and care about. Of course I could look you up by name, but hey, we’re all busy and so many things clog up the brain that I just can’t think of everyone I know and go searching the internet for news. I know neither can you. It’s just too much to ask.

I want more intimacy and authentic connection in a smaller space with people who intentionally choose to interact with me on a personal level. I want like-minded thinkers to share a fucking idea with — without the risk of FB showing it to EXACTLY the person who wants to start shit and ruin my day.

And Facebook started doing that shit on my feed last year. I’d write a not-that-big-a-deal post with what FB marks as a “keyword targeted to create controversy to ramp up engagement” and strangers would suddenly appear in my comments section—screaming at me for my view of the world. You know really controversial stuff like the prices at the grocery store skyrocketing and the products getting small.

“Who the fuck are you and why are you here?” I asked them. “Facebook showed your post in my feed, you came up as a recommended friend.” Yeah, thanks a lot FB. I’m not game for this.

Now I never say anything on FB. Because while I do have a wish, a desire, to share my experiences and thoughts with the world I have ZERO INTEREST in engaging in “TRUMPED” UP conflict created by Facebook so they can drum up advertising dollars. Fuck that!

So I’m created a safe space for those who share a like-mind with me and have an interest in creating a more intimate intentional community. We’ll gather.

Join me. It’s a tiny fee of $15 a month. That’s it. No catch.

See you HERE!