WOMEN ARE REALLY BAD AT MONEY: Top 10 Mistakes Women Make

WOMEN ARE REALLY BAD AT MONEY: The myth of “equality” is making us poorer.
In this episode I explain how money works—because so many women don't understand the energy of money and its laws. Therefore they make a lot of dumb decisions that hurt them in the long-run. Don't make choices with your Romance Goggles!
I tell you the Top 10 mistakes women make and how to avoid them. We look at Gen X, Millennials and 9/11 women—with the hope that as each generation brings womanhood and the socio-political climate into a new beginning the generation following will have greater and greater success.
As I stated in the show, I don't much care for Dave Ramsey and his whole bible bit. Still, if you take his course, Financial Peace University you will have an “energy of money” education that surpasses an economics or business degree. I recommend finding a group class near you, but he now offers an online course. Use the link and enter your zip code to find a class near you.
Suze Orman also has some relevant things to say about Women and Money in her book aptly titled Women and Money.
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